Suggestion - Challenging enemies and annoying critters, area-specific

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Suggestion - Challenging enemies and annoying critters, area-specific

Post by Ark on Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:32 pm

It would be nice to have areas that are inhabitated by only like 2 up to 5 challenging enemies and areas that are heavily crowded with lesser enemies. The former would satisfy 1on1- and the latter AoE-characters. And normal areas would have exactly the enemies we have right now. The critters could reuse sprites but downscaled, while the challenging enemies - let's call them minibosses - use upscaled sprites. Those minibosses would have predictable moving patterns and abilities but deal a lot more damage while a bunch of critters would have to try hard to get your health critically low. Loot is adjusted accordingly. For example I'm imagining a desert overworld where large stretches are crowded by small sand worms, where occassional oases or mesa-like structures are inhabitated by minibosses, where the occassional mixed area is populated by normal enemies.

TL;DR: Downscale for easy-to-kill, cheap-loot, mass-breeding critters, no scaling for normal enemies, upscaling for more challenging, rewarding enemies. Actual bosses can stay limited to dungeons and quests.

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