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Post by rc on Thu Apr 28, 2016 3:59 pm

Post your ideas about new monsters for the combat overhaul.

The new monster should be less random-based and more pattern-based than the current ones. A player knowing the monsters behaviors should have an combat advantage over someone who doesn't.


Moves around randomly, staying away from player.
Leaves mine bullets behind him that rotates on themselves.
Every 5 mine is a bigger mine that deals more damage.
Touching the big mine will trigger a chain reaction: all mine explode dealing damage.


Spawn bullets rotating around the player (about 200 pixel away) but not following the player, preventing him from escaping. Bullets only last for 2ish second.
Can also spawn rotating bullet around himself.

Fire Spirit

Shoot regular fire bullets.
If touched by fire attack, gets x2 bigger boosting damage by x2 and healing him totally.
When killed, spawn 4 fire bullets at right,left,top,down.


Are invisible and invincible most of the time.
Turn visible and vulnerable for 2 seconds.
If not attacked by player, shoot a bullet.
Bullet follows player slowly for 10 seconds.

Big Worm

Can dig in ground becoming invulnerable but still visible.
Move underneath the player and pop off. If player above it, deals damage.
Shoot single rock.


Stay away from player. Spawn tiny slimes.
Tiny slimes run towards player and if touch player, slows him + deal cold damage.
Killing big one kills small ones.


If hit, spawn 4 identical bats with 1 HP on the player. Teleports itself also on the player.
Fake bats don't cause damage when touching the player and don't attack.
If all 4 fake bats are killed and original bat gets hit again, repeat.
Original bat shoots lightning bullets.
Killing original one kills fake ones.


Spawns traps on the ground. If player stays on top of it, damage him and cause bleed.
Move very slowly. If in close range, deals lots of damage and bleed.

Orc Ranger

Lock an angle for 2 seconds. Shooting parabolic bullets in that angle.
Lock another angle for 2 seconds. Shoot straight bullets in that angle.
While shooting, doesn't move.


Lots of hp. Moves toward player in straight line.
When reaches 50% hp, grows x1.25 size and x1.5 damage.
When reaches 15% hp, gros x1.5 size and x2 damage.
Attack in close range only.

Orc Mage

Massive heal to anyone around.
Spawns a orc warrior that attacks close range.
A enery chain is created between him and the minion.
Touching the chain deals damage.



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DONE - Monster Ideas Empty Re: DONE - Monster Ideas

Post by rc on Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:11 am

All monsters have been updated with new behaviors.

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