2016-06-11: Patch Notes

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2016-06-11: Patch Notes Empty 2016-06-11: Patch Notes

Post by rc on Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:33 pm


I revamped the attack patterns of the Dragon, Bat, Pumpking and Orc Mage.
NPC interaction can now be bound to a key.
I added direction arrows in the tutorial.
Static minimap icons are now always displayed.
I improved the tower section of Move the Database quest.
The setting interface now shows instructions to go fullscreen.
Trying to use an ability under cooldown or without mana now displayed a notification near to your character. Same goes when trying to pick an item with a full inventory.
You can now use waypoints while in an overworld map even during a quest.
Attacks that acts as a grapple no longer attracts the target farther than the shooter position.
You can no longer receive the task to kill the Eyeball in Catch Them All and the Pumpking in Collect & Fight while in a party of two or more.
I refactored the internal equip system.

Planned next:

Revamp attack patterns of remaining monsters.
Create different attack pattern for each monster when fighting alone.

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