Learning Javascript game programming

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Learning Javascript game programming Empty Learning Javascript game programming

Post by Melons on Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:45 pm

Hi there! So I've been following the video tutorials that RC has posted and I have completed all of the "game logic" series. Thanks to these videos and RC, I have enough knowledge to do things like:

- convert the upgrade system into an item system that loads up item information such as the name, image, and item type
- chance of spawning item when an enemy dies
- make entities belong to maps so that entities are only updated and drawn if we are on the corresponding map
- add z axis to entities and jumping with spacebar (with the help of google  Razz )
- added an entity.hide function that optionally takes a time and hides it until the time inputted has gone by
- enemy only follows and attacks when in range

Although I have been able to do quite a bit on my own, I feel like I wish to have a better understanding of everything and want to learn more because I hope to create an online game myself one day in the future!
So if I may ask, how did you guys learn Javascript? What are great practices to learn? Did you have a mentor or a tutor? Any classes?

Thank you!


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Learning Javascript game programming Empty Re: Learning Javascript game programming

Post by rc on Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:32 am

I personally learned Javascript by making Raining Chain. It started off as a very small project and I kept adding new features to it.

When I want to add a new core feature, I normally search on Google/Stackoverflow and then I try to implement my own system.
Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. But at the end that's how you learn.

I make a basic system and I make sure to design it in a way that it can be improved later on. That's how Raining Chain was created. Note: Some parts of the game still use crappy code I've written years ago. But normally, I upgrade them little by little.

Trying to make things perfect the first time isn't worth it because your idea will mostly change anyway. Technology also changes. When I started, binary websocket wasn't a thing nor was Typescript. WebGL wasn't widespread either.

Good luck with coding!


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