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Overworld Map Plan Design Empty Overworld Map Plan Design

Post by rc on Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:11 pm

Current state:

Overworld Map Plan Design Worldm10

The missing tile connecting the town and the eastern valley will be created after the east valley is completed. It will be created by either me or Ark.

Creating new areas:

Status: Closed for now.

Create new map areas for players to explore.

The goal of creating an Overworld Map plan is to create a rough draft of how the zone will look.
This also helps coordinate who creates each section (individual map) of the zone.

Each zone must have a theme: mountain, forest, valley, river, cave, etc...

Download template

Please contact me before starting working on one.

Example: Northern Mountains by Boo
Overworld Map Plan Design Xz7s3ij11gb1chizg

Tips & tricks:
Ark wrote:Here's a neat trick to create seamless maps: Copy the rightmost column of tiles of town, paste them in the map east of it and then work based on those tiles (don't forget to draw over the pasted tiles, otherwise you'll have an exact duplicate just at the border between the two maps.

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