Ability Ideas

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Ability Ideas

Post by rc on Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:09 pm

Post your ideas about new abilities for the combat overhaul.

Werewolf Transform

-60 Sec cooldown. Last 5 seconds. Transform into werewolf.
-Boost Damage by x2, Def by x4, base life leech chance to 25%.
-Overwrite attacks with close-range scratch 500 DMG.

Spirit Transform

-60 Sec cooldown. Last 5 seconds. Transform into spirit.
-Boost Damage by x2, x4 fire defence, base burn chance to 25%.
-Overwrite attacks with quick fire bullets.


-Last 30 seconds
-Automatically shoot fire/arrow/magic/etc... projectile to a nearby enemy every 5 seconds.


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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by Ark on Mon May 16, 2016 7:19 pm

★Ark: seems like chain and tornado are the only utility abiltiies right now
★Ark: and they should definitely be in the new abilities list
★Ark: not sure if traps are utilities
★Ark: any ranged attack will achieve the same
★rc: if you got utilities idea, post them on forum
★Ark: what's the appeal about traps anyways
★Ark: many games have them
★Ark: but there's never a use for them
★rc: diablo 2 trap assassin was good
★Ark: ah yeah in diablo 2 enemies always go straight for you
★Ark: and in elder scrolls enemies are either too close or not moving
★rc: if dps is x2 bigger
★rc: than normal range atk
★rc: then ppl will use it
★Ark: I think that's the problem
★Ark: neither elder scrolls nor this game have any actual tradeoff for the immobility
★rc: i do plan on adding more crowd control
★Ark: what does whirlwind do?
★rc: melee attack
★Ark: I'd suggest disperse and collecting abilities
★Ark: one spreads out enemies, one lures enemies to one point
★Ark: or closer together
★Ark: not sure what spread out could be used for
★Ark: maybe like a stronger knockback but without controllable direction
★Ark: also, a lightning ability that jumps from enemy to enemy would be useful too
★Ark: advantage over piercing could be large jump range but self-aiming
★Ark: disadvantage is max 1 or 2 jumps
★rc: good idea
★Ark: there should also be the ability to spread out a lot of little explosives
★rc: go post it on the forum Very Happy
★Ark: I'll copy paste the chat, ok?
★rc: ok
★Ark: little explosives: advantage: bigger dps, disadvantage: too spread out
★Ark: teleport ability: jump to mouse cursor up to a max range
You are dead... This game is harder than it looks.
★Ark: disorients enemies, suppresses their combatting you for 1 second
★Ark: there should also be right click abilities that guarantee status effects
★Ark: like to inflict stun or leech

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Re: Ability Ideas

Post by jambutters on Fri May 27, 2016 9:54 pm

30 second cooldown, lasts 5 seconds
x2 Movement speed x1.5 Damage x1.5 healing
-Can cast when dead, giving an extra 5-10 seconds to deal damage before dying.

30 second cooldown, lasts 5 seconds
-Summons a clone dummy that the mobs will target instead of you

60 second cooldown, lasts 5 seconds
-Your attacks bullets will expand by 2 and will also have a 100% chance of dealing a status effect
-You gain 1.5 seconds of invincibility, being untargetable.

30 second cooldown, lasts 5 seconds
-Your critical strike chance(and maybe margin) is doubled for 5 seconds
-Knocks enemies near you back


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Re: Ability Ideas

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